Mega-thrusters are go!

This is something we’ve been following only on the periphery.? Seems, however, that everyone’s favorite team of interstellar lions, who can also transform into a 50 foot sword-weilding robot, has become something of a hot property in Hollywood.? Especially in the wake of Transformers’s success.

It first popped up on the radar with a gonzo review from El Mayimbe over at Latino Review gave Justin Mark’s script one of the best reviews he’s ever given a script review.

According to El Mayimbe, the script cast the world of Voltron into a post-apocalyptic New York, where humans are living underground due to an alien attack.? Five survivors band together and with the help of our mechanized lions lead a revolt against the alien race.? Head over to read the script review because honestly, I’ve never seen El Mayimbe this excited for anything.

And as a child of the eighties, who grew up assembling my Voltron team against G.I. Joe or Transformers (and Voltron never lost folks) it makes me breathe a sigh of relief knowing the movie will have a solid foundation to work off of.

Variety is reporting this morning that New Regency Studio is close to finalizing a deal with producer Mark Gordon to earn the right to adapt this property.

This is definitely something that will be higher up on our radar now that it looks as if this is moving forward 100%.

Oddly, does the narrator for the opening of the Voltron cartoon sound familiar?? If not then you need to stand and bow down to Peter Cullen, aka Optimus Prime.

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