Megan Fox getting her crazy cheerleader on

Transformers hottie Megan Fox (who we’re still not convinved would ever want to get with Shia LeBeouf in the movie despite her checkered past and outsider ways) has signed on to star in Fox Atomic’s supernatural thriller Jennifer’s Body.

The flick was written by Diablo Cody (who has the best non-porn name ever by the by) responsible for indie-darling sleeper Juno.

The story, described as similar in tone to “Heathers” and “Beetlejuice,” follows a cheerleader with a perfect life who becomes the girl from hell when she gets possessed and begins killing boys in a small town. Her best friend must then find a way to stop her.

There’s no indication which role Fox has signed on for, whether it’s the best friend or the psychotic cheerleader. We’re hoping it’s the cheerleader role. Fox can next be seen in the comedy How to Lose Friends and Alienate People with Simon Pegg and The Dude himself, Jeff Bridges.


Yup, The Dude certainly abides.

UPDATE: Looks as if Megan Fox will be portraying the cheerleader.? From a blog posting on Diablo Cody’s (ah it’s a fake name that’s why it’s so good – her real name is Brooke Busey-Hunt) own personal blog:

?This is going to be fun. I wrote this script last summer and have been fucking obsessed with getting it made ever since.

Incidentally, Megan Fox is hotter than the earth’s core. And now– Hollywood’s tiresome profusion of “girlfriend roles” be damned– she’s going to literally get out there AND DESTROY SOME FUCKING BOYS.

Sounds great to us!

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