Mirren and Pesci hop on board the love ranch

Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren and Joe “How am I funny?” Pesci have signed on to star in director Taylor Hackford’s newest project about the first years on Nevada’s Mustang Ranch.? Hackford is coming off the success of his Oscar-winning flick Ray, which oddly in hindsight seems like a generic movie biopic with an oddly comedic impersonation-like performance from Jamie Foxx.

Regardless, this project will team up Pesci, who hasn’t worked at all during the past decade, and Helen Mirren, who is Taylor Hackford’s wife. ? They will be loosely portraying madam Sally Conforte and Joe Conforte, the proprietors of the ranch.

“I’ve developed this project for a long time, and one of the things that excited me most was the chance to work again with my wife,” Hackford said. “I had to beg; she’s a very busy girl. We’d wanted to work together for some time, but she wouldn’t agree unless it was a great role, and this is a great role.”

Hackford said the drama is inspired by the story of Joe and Sally Conforte, proprietors of the Mustang Ranch, the first legalized house of prostitution in Nevada. Boxer Oscar Bonavena was gunned down at the ranch in 1976, suspected of having an affair with the madam Sally.

Sounds like it could make for a great drama.? Hackford’s no hack and with this cast, this is certainly one movie to keep an eye on.

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