MTV’s ‘Iron Man’ set visit

We’re starting to feel like Iron Man sluts, just lapping up ever tidbit we can.? MTV recently sent one of their news correspondents to the set of the Jon Favreau flick.? It’s a little awkard of an interview, seeing how Favs and Robert Downey Jr. are cracking jokes that the MTV guy just doesn’t get.

Anyway you can read their entire set report over here.

Or you can watch the three clips they have, which show off the Iron Man mask glowing, one of Terrence Howard in action as Dusty Rhodes in what one could assume would be Afghanistan, and the final scene of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark at some sort of party.

The best thing about the interviews/videos is when Favs drop hints of a dogfight between Iron Man and a slew of F-22 Raptors.? That just sounds bad ass.

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