New look at Pixar’s “Wall-E” from the French

Pixar is the gold standard for Hollywood studios.? There we said it.? Each and every time they turn out some unexpected nugget of joy.? You know the real true sign of an artistic gale force wind?? When you watch a movie or listen to an album and your first thought is: how the hell are they gonna top that?? It’s a little bit of awe mixed with a little bit of trepidation sprinkled with a few bits of admiration.

Pixar is like this, so is Radiohead.? And yet, both continue to top themselves everytime out.

There’s a new clip for the 2008 release from Pixar, Wall-E over at a French video service. ? And to be honest, it’s not much different from the You Tubage you’ll find after the jump.? But to be fair, the redone Pixar intro with the titular character is pretty sweat and if the classic track “Brazil” doesn’t make you excited and happy and feel like a five year old on Pop Rocks, then you have no heart my friend, no heart indeed.? No need to speak French so just sit back and get giddy.

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