New movie trailer roundup

Lots of trailers have surfaced recently for a bunch of must-see flicks. Rather than do an individual post for each one, since there are a few, we’ll lump them into one gigantic super-deluxe packaging post. Afterall, it’s the first awesome day in Boston, weather wise, so not that we want to stay in doors.

We’ve got I’m From Barcelona’s Let Me Introduce My Friends, blasting out the speakers and you can imagine the mood around here is sky high. The 29-member Swedish twee pop band is like instant Kool-Aid, perhaps the Purplesaurus Rex variety. Instant seratonin once it hits your eardrums. But we’re not here for music. We’re here for trailers.

First up is James Mangold’s 3:10 To Yuma. Yes, it is a remake. But this one stars Russell Crowe as the baddest outlaw around. He’s so bad that once captured no one wants to transport him to the train station. One very good man does, portrayed by Oyster favorite Christian Bale. Of course, Crowe’s gang doesn’t want him to go to jail so they make an attempt to intercept the caravan. Riveting stuff. The trailer is perfect in that it makes you wish the movie was coming out next week, but doesn’t give much away as well.

Next, is the latest Coen Brothers flick No Country For Old Men. Paramount Vantage is releasing the movie, which generated a ton of buzz from Cannes this year. Of course, it’s the Coen Bros. and even their missteps are worth noting. And this one is based on the acclaimed Cormac McCarthy novel of the same name. The story is about an illegal drug deal gone awry at the Mexican-US border. Love that the Coen’s are going back to the feel of Blood Simple.

Audiences get an early sneak peak at Pixar’s Wall E. It’s a nice trailer, in that, by taking a look back at all the old Pixar films they tie in the excitement to the new movie based on the nostalgia for those first few Pixar films. It’s brilliantly done in that respect.

And finally, the reclusive writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson, who hasn’t been heard of since 1999’s Magnolia has a new film in the works. It’s called There Will Be Blood. It stars Daniel Day Lewis and focusses on the early American oil tycoons. The trailer comes courtesy of Cigarettes and Red Vines – a P.T. Anderson resource. Anything with Daniel Day Lewis is a-okay in these parts.

So that’s that. Go enjoy the day folks!

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