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There’s a bevy of new trailers kicking around the tubes recently. I figured this was as a good a night as any to take a look as see what’s what. But before we get into the new stuff, I wanted to take a look at the trailer for a movie that has already been released. Why? Well, the movie in question is Atonement and stars Keira Knightly and James McAvoy. It’s been getting boffu reviews, but I haven’t seen any footage of it at all.


A period drama about young lovers during World War II. It’s based on an acclaimed novel, but I don’t have any inclination of what happens or why I should see this movie from the trailer. What’s the hook? What’s the draw?

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People

In an obvious parody of the book, How to Make Friends and Influence People Simon Pegg stars as a Brit in the world of New York fashion. His rise to fame and success has sort of been a black swan phenomenon, but it’s certainly well-deserved. Tough to clean much about this teaser since it clocks in at a robust :48 seconds. But, Pegg is front and center. Maybe he can make Kirsten Dunst come off well.


This is the second trailer for the Doug Liman directed sci-fi action flick. It stars Sam Jackson, Hayden Christianson and Jaime Bell. It’s got a strange premise about people who are genetically different, allowing them the ability to beam around the world. I feel like this is the type of movie that never does well at the box-office, but finds a nice audience on DVD.

Definitely, Maybe

Romantic comedies have a place in our heart. Maybe it’s that we’re not that manly, or maybe we just enjoy having our hearts manipulated or maybe we our hopeless romantics. Whatever the reason, the genre is our guilty pleasure. I know that the movies are pretty horrible, trite and generally mean-spirited wrapped up in niceties. Regardless, when they are well-done they touch an emotionally place that’s safeguarded from the world.

This movie comes out on Valentine’s Day and stars Ryan Reynolds, Rachel Weisz, Isla Fischer, Elizabeth Banks, Little Miss Sunshine and Derek Luke. The movie comes off as very meta, but the cast looks nice and these people all shine in this genre. It would almost be refreshing if this were strickly about the loving relationship between a dad and his daughter.


A father and girl can read stories and make them come to life. Brendan Frasier is playing the title character. Not sure what New Line is going to do with this family-friendly fantasy after The Golden Compass failed to find an audience. The good is that Andy Sirkus is getting a chance to star as the villain in the movie. However, with that said the premise is a tad odd and the heroic line, “You’re going back into that book!” doesn’t have the same might as “Make my day!”

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