New Woody Allen trailer – “Cassandra’s Dream”

Woody Allen has always been hit or miss. I think it really depends on the mood you’re in when watching one of his flicks. It’s interesting that his career has had a resurgence over the past few years. Much of that is due, no doubt, to Match Point. That film was something of a black swan for Allen. It wasn’t a neurotic comedy, but instead it played as a suspenseful, lustful, sweaty crime noir.

Exactly the type of flick you wouldn’t expect from Allen. I suspect the high praise for the film came from two things. One, Woody Allen wasn’t in the movie and two, Scarlett Johansson was finely portrayed on screen as the sex symbol that she was regarded as off the screen. Her sultry performance truly made every man uncomfortable.

Scoop, however, was the usual from Mr. Allen and it should by the lack of care from not only audiences but critics alike. I suspect this was for two reasons. One, Mr. Allen was a central part of the plot as an actor and two, Ms. Johansson reverted back to her dweebish, dumpy personae on film. That is not a solid mathematical formula.

So now he has a new film, Cassandra’s Dream. It stars Ewan MacGregor and Colin Farrell as brothers with debt. A rich uncle (Tom Wilkenson) comes into town with the promise of helping the lads out in exchange for offing one of his business partners. Of course, there’s a sexy woman with questionable motives. The trailer plays like say, Match Point with no Woody in sight. There’s also a propensity for crime, drama and lust.

Cinematical, who have the trailer, says this about the film: “While the brothers are quite unlikable with their wavering morals and crappy lack of common sense, they do have some intriguing layers. Terry is the superficial “bad” guy with his drinking and gambling, but he’s got a much tougher conscience than his outwardly do-gooder brother who is more opportunistic than loyal. Just when you think Ian couldn’t get worse — he does.”

I guess we’ll have to see on December 28, when Cassandra’s Dream hits theaters.

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