Our last strike report

Well, until the WGA strike resolves itself and we need to update you on the fallout.? Anyway, we’re still not 100% sure why the talks are stalling and we’re still not sure if we even care.? However, Judd Apatow does and he talked with the guys over at IGN from the picket line about his thoughts on the strike, why he’s picketing, etc.

“Here’s how I would explain it: If you’re a teamster, you get paid to drive a truck. But if someone invents a new kind of truck, and you’re still driving it, you should still get paid.” Apatow noted that watching TV or movies online is becoming more and more common, remarking “We’re switching trucks at this point. But if someone comes up with a three wheel truck, you’re still driving!”

Good enough, good enough Judd.? Though most of you are getting paid considerably more than your standard truck driver.

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