“Outsourced” & “Made in China”

Couple of quick hits from the NW Film and Video Festival before I take off for the day.? Saw two pretty good flicks the other night, one a documentary about a man connecting with his father through a journey to China and the other a fish-out-of-water comedy starring Josh Hamilton.

Made in China (directed by John Helde)

This was a touching documentary about a filmmaker looking into his father’s childhood.? The father was raised in China but he never bothered to go back.? I think it worked so well, because it had less to do with the history in China and more about a desire for the filmmaker to connect with his dad.? Overall very powerful doc about family and history and how it defines who we are as people.

Outsourced (directed by John Jeffcoat)

Surprisingly funny comedy about a business man who has his job outsourced to India, but rather than get fired he is sent to India to train the call center.? It stars Josh Hamilton, who you might remember as Grover from Kicking and Screaming (not the Will Ferrell soccer comedy).? In many ways, I imagined this is what happens to Grover when he grew up and got a job.? Josh Hamilton has a great charisma and comedic timing, you wonder why he hasn’t been more famous or well-known than he is.

It’s not an overtly original tale.? Hamilton goes to India, resists the culture then falls in love with India, the employees he’s training and specifically a girl. But the wordplay between the cultural differences really make this movie.? Outsourced won’t be coming to a theater near you, but if you happen to catch it on DVD this sweet natured comedy will really leave an impression on you.

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