P2 trailer

Wow! If you’re wondering to yourself right now why haven’t I heard anything about P2, a special holiday-horror movie (is this a new genre or what with last year’s Black Christmas remake?) starring the dreamy Rachel Nichols and the creepy kid from American Beauty (man has Wes Bently’s career gone straight down the poop hole since 1999 or what?) you are certainly not alone.

Bently stars as the creeepy security guard who abducts Rachel Nichols in the parking garage. Cue the holiday themed music and the suspense and the scares. Or the laughter whichever you prefer. So not to ruin the ending but we’re guessing that Rachel Nichols kills Wes Bently “Angus McGuyver-style” just as her best friend for life and the police break into the garage.

P2 attacks its way into theaters on Nov. 9

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