Paris, je t’aime

We’ve been keeping a casual eye on Paris, je t’aime, a short story collection featuring a smorgasborg or acclaimed directors, actors and actress.? The skinny is all of the shorts are centered around the theme of love in Paris.? Sounds pretty simple, but with a lineup of diverse filmmakers including The Coen Brothers, Alfonso Cuaron, Alexander Payne, animator Sylvain Chomet, Tom Twyker, and Walter Salles you know that some of these shorts are gonna just straight kill and none of them will similar.

There are 18 segments in all, none of them related, but all about five-ten minutes in length.? Some tell complete stories, others are just snapshots.

We haven’t gotten to see it, since it came out in limited release Stateside May 4.? But after watching The Coen Brothers short, “Tuileries,” starring Steve Buscemi we’re going to try and seek this one out.

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