Pixar’s latest for 2008: Wall E

Though we still haven’t seen Cars we’ll cop to the notion that Pixar can pretty much do no wrong. With every movie they release the animation studio sets the bar that much higher for their next affair. With such modern day animation classics as Toy Story 1 & 2, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles – not to mention their outstanding second-tier films like A Bug’s Life, Cars and Monster’s Inc. – Pixar has a track record for artistic and financial box office receipts unlike any other studio.

We’re betting, I know I know it’s not much of a bet, that this summer’s Ratatouille (directed by Brad Bird) will be another milestone achievement. Jim Hill Media has an early look at Pixar’s 2008 movie titled WALL E, directed by Andrew Stanton.

From the sounds of the article WALL E stands to be another huge leap forward in terms of artistry and storytelling from a company that pushes both boundaries with each film release.

This individual believes that Stanton’s next movie is important. That it’s going to be such a step up from the work that Andrew did on “Finding Nemo” that “WALL E” is going to shock people. Both for its choice of source material as well as its style of storytelling. And the story that this animation insider told me … It’s such a departure for Pixar, such a ballsy choice that one wonders how mainstream audiences are actually going to react to “WALL E.” Will they be able to embrace a message movie that so liberally mixes science fiction & satire?

So what’s got Jim Hill Media all in a bunch? We won’t give away any spoilers here, but if you’re curious and it sounds like you should be head over to read a synopsis of the Pixar’s 2008 release.


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