Possession trailer and more

So someone needs to get Sarah Michelle Gellar a new agent, unless she particularly enjoys starring in Japanese horror remakes. If that’s the case then, okay, I get it. If not, she’s on a career path to making these types of movies for the rest of her career. Seriously, she’s like the Meg Ryan or Sandra Bullock of Japanese horror movie remakes.

This time around we’ve got Possession. And it’s pretty obvious what the movie is about. Her wonderful husband and his convict brother die and their souls switch places and now Sarah has to deal with her husband existing in the body of his no good brother. Sounds like a whacky idea for a romantic comedy if you ask me. But then again they didn’t and she obviously didn’t ask her agent which movie she signed up for. Sigh. Buffy seems so long ago.


John Singleton seems to be the frontrunner to helm the inevitable A-Team remake.? Start speculating now.? Jim Carrey as Murdoch?? George Clooney as Hanibal?? Mr. T as B.A. Baracus?? Who’s your dream cast.

– Joblo has got the first five minutes of the Aliens vs. Predator sequel and by all acounts it doesn’t look like total suckage, like the first time around.? Can’t say I’m eager to see this one though.

– Nic Cage and director Alex Proyas are teaming up for a new sci-fi project.? It sounds kinda cool, but again, you have to wonder of Alex Proyas will ever live up to the promise of his first few movies.

– James Cameron’s Avatar gets a new cushy December release date, actually the same release date as Titanic. ?

– And finally, Jeffrey Dean Morgan talks shop about being in Watchmen and un, P.S. I Love You.? But who cares about the second one right?

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