Rainn Wilson is raking

So we’ll get to Mr. Wilson in a moment. But while we think of it, did anyone catch “24” last night? Me thinks Jack’s gone soft. For a moment I thought he was gonna torture the retarded brother and then when he was all nice and caring towards him, there was part of me that was upset, disappointed, and felt a little betrayed that Jack did not torture him. Consider this the moment that Jack Bauer has officially gone soft and the great show jumping the shark or whatever the young kids call it these days.

So the reason for this post. Seems that Rainn Wilson, AKA Dwight Shrute, from NBC’s hit comedy “The Office” has been getting all kinds of offers to appear in movies now that he is, arguably mind you, the best aspect of the workplace sitcom. We’ll forgive him for cashing a paycheck on “The Last Mimzy” but his other projects he has lined up sound pretty darn awesome.

From an interview with the AP, he has a bunch of stuff lined up. Including a surreal comedy from Bob Odenkirk in the vain of Ace Ventura? Done. We’re there. Or how about Bonzai Shadowhands, a comedy about an alcoholic ninja trying to regain his ninjaness? Done and done. Consider our ticket already bought.

“Kanan Rhodes” … is a really funny, kind of over-the-top comedy from Bob Odenkirk. It’s like a surreal “Ace Ventura.” It’s about a man who serves subpoenas and takes himself way too seriously. “Bonzai Shadowhands” I’m writing. It’s about a down-and-out alcoholic ninja, a once-great ninja trying to put his life back together. I’m doing that with Jason Reitman who directed “Thank You for Smoking.” And I have a couple other projects I’m working on and things I’m developing. You strike when the iron’s hot and I spent long years slogging by, doing New York theater and spending months and months out of the year unemployed, doing odd jobs to get by. Now I’m going to just take a couple years and work hard and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Long live Dwight! Even if we first loved you as Arthur the creepy mortician in Six Feet Under. We know he can fight werewolves and possibly vampires. Why not ninjas?

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