Rescue Dawn

Christian Bale is right up there in the upper echelon of actors working today. He’s got this unmatched intensity whether he’s playing Bruce Wayne, Alfred Borden in The Prestige, Jim Luther Davis in Harsh Times, Trevor Reznik in The Machinist, the list goes on and on back to when he was 12 and starring in Empire of the Sun.

He’s got the western 3:10 to Yuma with Russell Crowe and directed by James Mangold coming up on the horizon, as well as Rescue Dawn.

Rescue Dawn is a story of survival, the story of a U.S. pilot shot down during the Vietnam War over Laos. Bale stars as Dieter Dengler, a German-American who organized a death-defying escape with a small number of POW’s.

The film is directed by, some would say, legendary filmmaker Warner Herzog (Grizzly Man). And at least one profile of Christian Bale makes the bold statement that he should win an Oscar for his work in the film.

This on looks like it’ll be worth seeking out.

Rescue Dawn hits theatres in limited release on 7.4.07.

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