Sam Jackson in ‘Iron Man’

AICN has an interesting tid-bit up this morning about Jon Favreau’s Iron Man. By know you know we’re just about geeked out about that flick like no other. We were huge Tony Stark fans as kids. And in one sense he’s sort of the Bruce Wayne of the Marvel Universe.

The cast is pretty awesome, but like we said, the interesting tidbit is that this flick will introduce another Marvel character. S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Nick Fury will play a small role in the Fav’s movie. And who’s going to play him? Well, I guess we gave that away in the title of the article. Jackson is shooting his scenes this week.

Maybe the scene will look something like this:

Not to get all geeky, but we think it’s so cool that Marvel redisgned the look of Nick Fury for their Ultimates line to resemble Sam Jackson and now they’ve cast Sam Jackson to portray Nick Fury in a feature film. Also it should be noted that in the Iron Man continuity, Tony Stark recruited Nick Fury to be the second commander of S.H.I.E.L.D., and it was under Fury that S.H.I.E.L.D. blossomed into one of the most powerful covert organizations in the world.

End of geekery. This no doubt will have spin-off implications, meaning that Nick Fury and Sam Jackson, will undoubtably will get their own movie in the near future. Possibly could be “The Avengers” flick that rumors have been swirling about. Either way, it’ll certainly be better than the David Hasselhoff version.

Also, we think this is just cool that for the first time, the world of Marvel’s superheroes are bleeding into one another. One thing that made Marvel so freaking cool is that all their superheroes existing in the same universe. It wasn’t unheard of for Spider-man to show up and help out Daredevil and so for!

We’re guessing that Iron Man could be the champ of 2008.

M4p: Ghostface Killah – “The Champ”

And yes, we acknowledge that, in music slut terms we should have dropped a cut off of Ghostface’s Ironman LP, but we didn’t currently have it at our exposure.

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