“Semi-Pro” teaser

Will Ferrell has rolled up a huge bank of comedy credit around these parts, if for nothing else than the utterly hilarious line in Anchorman, “San Diego, that’s German for whale’s vagina.” And if you’re like me than you just read that line in your best Ron Burgundy voice. Cause that’s how we roll.

Anyway, his schtick is slowly getting old; it’s the man-child with fake confidence who ends up losing his shit characters that have to go. His last few movies have been good for a chuckle but nothing like his early work and I wonder if that has to do with the tiredness of playing slight variations of the same character as opposed to say whether or not the movie is actually funny. Basically you can replace male figure skater for tv anchorman for NASCAR racer and we’re talking about essentially the same movie. Now we can replace all of those with ABA basketball player.

We’d love to see him take on more quirky oddball humor like his great amazingly funny and nuanced work in Stranger Than Fiction. But what do we know.

His latest has him starring as a Bill Walton, 70’s ABA type of character. Could be funny, could be meh? That’s pretty much what you’re guaranteed with Ferrell these days. But we’ll still go and watch Semi-Pro. After all he hasn’t used up his credits. This is the first teaser for the movie.

I’ll admit it. I definitely laughed in a few places, but more from the sexy music. This one stars Woody Harrelson, Andre 3000, Jackie Earle Haley, Andy Richter, Will Arnett, Maura Tierney and Rob Corddry. With a cast like that, there has to be a ton of laughs. Right? Right?

Semi-Pro shoots it’s way into theaters on Feb. 28, 2008

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