Sex and the City first pic

It’s really nothing more than your standard promo photo that’s been making the rounds. This is, I guess, good news for fans of the show. Since, it seemed like a feature film would never get made, but now we have Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big chilling on the streets of New York.

Can’t say I’m the least bit excited for this movie, which stars all the old gang and even nabbed Oscar winning actress Jennifer Hudson for a role in the flick. In all seriousness I almost choked on my Lucky Charms typing that sentence, it’s almost like they give out Oscars like they dole out prizes in Cracker Jack boxes these days. Just about anyone can get one.

However, we do recognize that this is exciting for lots of people.

The best thing about this photo though is the dude who played the hand on The Addams Family working his magic on the tape measure in the lower left hand corner of the picture.

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