Sex and the teaser

I don’t heart Sarah Jessica Parker and all her other hoodrat friends from Manhattan, but I know a lot of ladies do.? To be honest, I think I’ve seen just about every episode of this show, unfortunately on TNT, which means there’s zero chance of seeing any boobies, but still.? I’ve had my arm twisted and so I’ve watched.? Though I resisted at first, the show grew on me like a gym a rash and before you know I just couldn’t wait to see Carrie Bradshaw end up with John Big.? Of course I was disappointed his name was John because in my mind it was always Dick . . . short for Richard.

So, to appease people like me who will get dragged to this movie they went ahead and decided to make a movie to capitalize on all the guys who got inadvertantly sucked into the show.

I can’t possibly fathom how this movie will be remotely good.

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