‘Sicko’ trailer hits the waves

Professional rabbel rouser Michael Moore is at it again, this time taking on the ubiquitous U.S. healthcare system.? Though his latest film, Sicko, doesn’t hit theaters until June 29 Moore is already taking some heat for it.? As you’ll see in the trailer below Moore took three 9/11 rescue workers to Guatanamo Bay in Cuba to get them the same health care coverage that the enemy combatants receive.? It’s a pretty over-the-top move, one that would make even Sly Stallone proud, but it illustrates an effective point about just how f’ed up health care in the United States is.

So, it’s not surprising then, that all the news reports coming out of Cannes Film Festival, where Sicko had its premiere were not about the out of control health companies here stateside, but about how Michael Moore went to Cuba.? I think it’s about time that responsible media outlets start doing their jobs and keep their sights set on the real story here.

Besides, does anyone in the Federal Gov’t have a legitimate reason for the Cuba Embargo.? I mean besides the Communism and the missiles from 1962?

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