Slammin’ Salmon a go


The guys at Broken Lizard have set their sights on their Beerfest follow-up. Despite having reached a exclusive deal with Warner Brothers, this time around Slammin’ Salmon will be independently released and financed so that the pending writer’s strike of the apocalypse won’t come in to effect.

Farva, er, Kevin Heffernan will direct this time around, taking the reigns from usual director Jay Chandrasekhar. All the other lads will be back for the flick as well (Steve Lemme, Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske), which is said to be something of a spoof on Glengary Glen Ross via a former boxer and his restaurant wait staff.

Sounds promising enough, but usually the premise of all their films sound promising enough. It’s another matter altogether to deliver on that promise. None of their films have quite reached the unparalleled heights on Super Troopers, which has quietly become one of the most revered comedies of the past decade. Club Dread and Beerfest had some moments of brilliance, but not enough to sustain them overall.

The comedy troupe has about three other pictures in development, with Ambulance Chasers thought to have been their next project. Also, we haven’t heard much on the long rumored project about the Ancient Olympics lately. Anyone have any scoopage?

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