Sneaky Studio Marketing

It’s about to open, so we will all know soon, but I’m beginning to worry about I Am Legend. You would think: action movie + Will Smith = no brainer. In the ads, however, the weasels in marketing are pulling a fairly common con.

They flash about fifteen “excerpts” from reviewers that say things like “gripping!” and “exciting!” Except that the fifteen excerpts are not from separate reviews but the same three or four. And none of them are from Time. Rolling Stone or The New York Times or any reviewer you’ve ever heard of. One is Fox-TV, which could be any local reviewer from any Fox affiliate in the country.

Also, it seems like they may be marketing a different movie than the one they made. From what I’ve been told, it isn’t really a last-man-left-alive movie as much as it is a last-man-alive-fighting-off-vampires movie.

Reminds me of that movie from a couple years ago about “the most successful serial killer in history–who is still out there!” and it turned out to be an alligator.

I hope I’m wrong, ‘cuz Will is the best, but you have to watch out for the weasels. If they end up burning you, do all of us a favor and let the studios know what you think of their misleading marketing campaigns.

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