Spider-man 3 cost how much?

Well if you believe Radar Magazine, then supposedly the movie cost $500 million to produce and market. Half a billion dollars? Dude you could have shot five movies for that much money. Regardless, the movie is probably gonna make a billion dollars worldwide, so after all is said and done does it really matter how much money it cost?

Even before filming began in January 2006, Sam Raimi promised to pull out all the stops for his third Spidey film (likely the last he’ll direct in the series). He wasn’t kidding. As production dragged on into late summer?it had been scheduled to conclude in June?stories about the project’s ballooning budget started popping up all over town. But in the end, even the most hyperbolic of observers may have underestimated the final tab. Industry insiders claim that Sony spent $350 million or more on production alone. With marketing and promotion factored in, the total price tag will approach half a billion dollars?positioning Spider-Man 3 as the most expensive movie of all time. (Cleopatra, the 1963 epic that has long held the title of priciest picture, had an inflation-adjusted budget of $290 million.)

One of the film’s producers, Laura Ziskin, also disputes the higher total, albeit in a less forceful manner. “I refuse to say the [real] number because it makes me choke,” she tells Radar. “Spider-Man 3 was a super-expensive movie?the most expensive film we’ve ever made. But there’s no way you can get to $300 million.”

For this reason and others, production on the film went over schedule, continuing for nearly eight months after the anticipated wrap date. Each day of shooting for a movie on this scale can cost up to a $1 million. An additional and particularly daunting expense was rush work from effects houses, which were busy with a concurrent wave of CGI-heavy movies like Pirates of the Caribbean.

An agent at CAA, which represents Raimi and Maguire, insists the film’s price tag is irrelevant: “Sony could spend $600 million or $700 million, and it would still be worth it.” People shouldn’t think the studio is blas? about rumors of its reputation for extravagance, he adds. “They’re sweating bullets. They’re dying with every dollar they spend. But even if the margin isn’t quite what it ought to be, it’s still incredibly valuable to them as an asset. There will be a Spider-Man 4, and that’s what keeps them alive.”

Spending a $1 million a day is as mindblowing as Pluto not being a planet. But again, at his point, I almost side with the agent. The money is irrelevant. Even if the guy represents Toby Maguire, (who’s probably eating kobe beef with truffle oil, having Maine lobsters with fresh churned butter from a Danish woman, sipping on bordeaux on set and getting his back massaged at night) and Raimi, it’s like the movie costs a lot, but fuck it. It’s going to make a lot of money and the only downside is if the movie bombs miserably. Which I don’t foresee happening.

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