Sunday afternoon trailer roundup

As always it’s Sunday. Odd that it happens every week. Here are the latest movies trailers which have intrigued, entertained, repulsed and otherwise just made us curious.

The Kingdom

There’s a new trailer posted up at Apple, which, presumably is the final trailer for this Peter Berg political-actioner. But we prefer this version of the trailer. The use of U2’s “Bullet the Blue Sky” and the absence of trailer guy make for a compelling two minutes.

We Own the Night

Mark Wahlberg, Joaquin Phoenix, Bobby Duvall and Eva Mendes in a film by James Gray. Last we saw of James Gray he was directing the then unknown Wahlberg and Phoenix in “The Yards” (waaaay back in 2000). This time we’ve got Russian Mobsters and Irish Cops all mixing it up over drugs. Phoenix plays the reluctant son who sides up with the law.


Reese Witherspoon returning to film after her Oscar win. In this Oscar baiting film, we find her teaming up with the doe-eyed Jake Gyllenhaal. She’s a pregnant wife trying to find her Egyptian husband who may or may not be a terrorist. Jakey boy is a CIA analyst. All of this is overseen by director Gavin Hood, who rocked it hard in the South African film “Tsotsi” and next he’ll bring home the bacon on the Wolverine movie.

The Seeker: The Dark is Rising

Fantasy flicks based on acclaimed novels are generally hit or miss. When they hit, a la LOTR, it’s an amazing cinematic experience, but when the movie ends up being god awful dreck, you leave the theater feeling like they should have just raped and pillaged the book instead. Not sure what to make of this adaption, and the trailer doesn’t exactly leave me feeling confident that this will be anything special. We’ll have to wait and see.

Things We Lost in the Fire

It should absolutely be required by law that Benecio del Toro has to show up in one flick every year. Seriously, the guy doesn’t work enough and he’s bomb. Whether or not this movie delivers, cough cough Halle Berry sucks cough cough, remains to be seen. Based on the trailer and the lame use of a song from The Fray (nothing sets of the schmaltz alarms like The Fray) we’re tending to believe this will be a solid DVD rental.

Death Sentence

Oh man, Kevin Bacon is one scary dude, even when he’s not trying to be scary. Just straight creeps man. There hasn’t been a great revenge flick in a while and maybe this one will be it. Kevin goes Travis Bickle and starts to hunt down the gang bangers who killed his son.

Gone Baby Gone

This is the one trailer we haven’t been able to get enough of. It’s impeccably cut, atmospheric, does enough to entice you to see the movie, but doesn’t give much away. Plus, Affleck shot the majority of the movie in Boston, which is big bonus points. Even if we are tired of the mythological Boston portrayed in the movies lately, we see this and we say screw it. It’s too easy to give in. Word is the movie delivers in a big way, thanks to a friend who had to review the movie for work. We’re betting Casey steps up to the plate, carries this movie on his back and takes the acting leap.

The Golden Compass

The first book in a trilogy from Oxford Professor and author Philip Pullman. If this one does well then one can safely assume the other two books (“The Subtle Knife” and “The Amber Spyglass”) will also get made into movies. The cast is excellent and the visual world created by director Chris Weitz looks top notch. And just based on the trailer we get the impression that this could be the fantasy flick of the year.

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