Sunshine, Shining Bright! New Danny Boyle!

Here’s a first look at the trailer for the movie Sunshine:

Danny Boyle is one of those directors that just seems to floor me every time he steps behind the directors chair. Trainspotting is the first movie that immediately comes to mind, and some 15 years later, the movie holds up remarkably well. Shallow Grave, his first film with Ewen McGregor, is just a great work of suspense. We won’t discuss The Beach (since we all know how that movie turned out) but his efforts since then have been wonderful pieces of genre.

Very different genres: from his take on zombies in 28 Days Later to his stab at a family film in the criminally under seen and underrated Millions. That is one of those movies I’ll recommend to just about anyone who’s in the mood for a heart-warming family drama about two brothers with very different ideas about what to do when they discover a suitcase worth one-million pounds as England readies the changeover from pounds to Euros.

But that movie came out two years ago. Since then Boyle has been flying under the radar again with a Science-Fiction movie, scripted by Alex Garland, about a crew of astronauts charged with restarting the sun. Sounds like it could be fantastic, as Danny Boyle almost never disappoints.

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