Ten minutes of ‘Live Free or Die Hard’

We’ve been trying to avoid Live Free or Die Hard spoilers and stuff all summer, mostly cause we love John McClane and feel like we should give him the bennefit fo the doubt. But it’s rated PG-13, which means there won’t be much swearing or violence of any kind.

That’s disappointing. It’s not really a Die Hard movie, unless Bruce Willis is strung out, at wits end, swearing like a drunken sailor and verbally sparring with someone much less clever then he is. And so, it came as a great disappointment to see the ten minutes of footage on the latest Die Hard flick from Movie Web.

Looks like slick action, but now John McClane seems to be a super cop, looks like he’s found a cure for his screw up, alcoholic ways. And we can safely say even as simple as the plots always are in these flicks, this one seems stupid. Hackers getting whacked? Whatevs.

Justin Long, as much as we love you, you’re certainly no Sam Jackson, Carl Winslow, or Alan Rickman. Director Len Wiseman may be married to Kate Beckinsale, that’s cool, but you’ll never be John McTiernan. And so, this may be a slick action picture, totally enjoyable, but after just ten minutes we’ve decided it’ll never be Die Hard.

[Update: Footage taken down at request of the studio. Head here to see “official” footage at Yahoo.]

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