Thanksgiving Box-Office: ‘Enchanted’ does $55 million


Amy Adams was nominated for an Oscar for her turn in Junebug and she traded barbs with John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell in Talledega Nights,? but now she can add number one movie to her growing resume.? Probably doesn’t hurt that Enchanted was a family comedy paying homage and riffing on famed Disney movies, or that it also starred McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey.? Whatever the reason, Enchanted crushed the Thanksgiving box-office with $55 million in sales.

This was the second biggest Thanksgiving opening, behind Toy Story 2’s $80.1 million in 1999.? Sliding in at #2 was the “urban” holiday flick This Christmas.? I put urban in air quotes because it seems to baffle media outlets on how to describe a holiday movie with a predominantly black cast.? So they say it was an unexpected surprise that it generated a healthy $27.1 million.

The problem is that this type of thing happens whenever a movie similar to this does well, whether it’s a flick by Tyler Perry or Friday, or whatever.? It’s almost insulting that it’s labeled “urban,” might as well just call it “the holiday movie starring black folks who eat chitlins and fried chicken.”? Either distinction is just as reprehensible.

Beowulf, Hitman and Bee Movie round out the top five, respectively.

The Coen Brothers No Country For Old Men continued to impress in limited release.? Showing on only 860 theaters, it managed to pull in $8.1 million, or a per screen average of $9,432.? Next to This Christmas’s per screen average that was by far the highest this weekend.

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