The bitch is dead but Bond still needs a lady

It was hard not to fall in love with Vesper Lynd, or for that matter the actress who played her (Eva Green) in Casino Royale.? She was hot and fragile and super intelligent and hell, if she could steal James Bond’s heart, then it’s also assumed she could easily steal ours.

But like all great Bond girls, she died.? So let the search begin for the next great leading lady.? MTV News caught up with actress Rose Byrne (Sunshine, 28 Weeks Later, FX’s Damages) to talk about the latest Bond rumors, simply because she was one of several actresses in the initial running for the part of Vesper Lynd.

Byrne remarked that her good friend, and fellow Aussie actress Abbie Cornish “got it.”? Cornish is best known for her dalliances with actor Ryan Phillipe, which eventually led to Reese Witherspoon divorcing him.

Apart from that she’s been outstanding in little seen movies like A Good Year, Candy and especially as the broken and fragile girl in Somersault.? (FYI that movie is probably known for Cornish showing of her ta-tas a lot)

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