The Bourne Ultimatum teaser trailer

Damn. We. Can’t. Wait. August third can’t come fast enough.It’s funny, but when the first two Jason Bourne movies dropped, they not only reminded the movie going public how much they loved Matt Damon (the franchise pretty much revived his sinking career), but they also made the James Bond franchise feel retardedly dated. In a way, Bond lovers everywhere have Jason Bourne to thank for getting that franchise back on its feet.

So now the third movie in the Bourne franchise, The Bourne Ultimatum, hits theatres at the tail end of the summer and it’s just about a perfect time for it. The big movies will all have wound down, but people will still be in the mood for something they love, something they crave, an ending to a satisfying trilogy.

Yahoo Movies has the official trailer, which is better than the international trailer that dropped at the beginning of April. There isn’t much difference, but this new one has a better second half and really is the better of the two. We say head over there watch the trailer, but if you don’t really care, then we’ve taken the time to include the international trailer below.

We’re just wondering when the hell Paul Greengrass had time to direct this one. He must’ve jumped right in after United 93. The cast becomes even more impressive, adding Paddy Consadine and David Strathairn to the mix.

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