The Geeks have won

[Editors note: I’d like to take a moment to welcome another contributor to The Sly Oyster. He’ll be henceforth known as Big Rob and we welcome his unique take on things. We’re hoping he’ll be able to contribute quite a bit and that you’ll grow to love him as much as we do. This story on Wired only confirms what Big Rob whats ya’ll to know.]

Sci-Fi fans rejoice! Not only do we have the premiere of the second season of Heroes to look forward to this evening (check local listings but 9 p.m. is a good bet!), but this is also the official release date of Serenity (Collector’s Edition). As Martha Stewart would say, it’s a good thing. Not least because there is no one on Heroes as hot as Morena Corwin (sorry, Ali Larter fans, but you know it’s true).

This release announcement may not be news for some of the local folk. Portland, the new home of The Sly Oyster, is a hotbed?get it? oyster…bed…never mind–of Joss Whedon fans, known around the world as Browncoats.

It is the Portland Browncoats group which founded Can’t Stop the Serenity, a worldwide charity which hosts screenings to benefit various charities, particularly Equality Now, one of the charities Joss supports. They fight against things like domestic violence, rape, trafficking, genital mutilation, stoning, etc.

According to Joss (on Amazon Wire), the Collector’s Edition, besides ?being prettier? has more commentary and some scenes he shot with Summer Glau (River) that were prequel-ish. Works for me.

There’s likewise a Portland connection to this Wednesday’s premiere episode of the Bionic Woman (NBC at 9 p.m.), starring Canadian actress Michelle Ryan. She finds out that she’s not the first bionic woman?an earlier incarnation has escaped the lab and rebelled against the government’s attempt to control her. The ?bad? bionic woman is played by Portlander Katee Sackhoff, who has a fun, edgy vibe compared to the seemingly bland Ryan. (Based strictly on the trailer, I admit. Hopefully, that will change.

[ editors note: I’ve had the pleasure of watching the Bionic Woman pilot and it’s pretty good. Certainly worth watching and certainly seems worth investing a few episodes of to see if the show can catch on. But we’re hoping The TV Diva will have some more in depth thoughts on it! Plus it doesn’t hurt to have the Battlestar Galactica creative team behind this show. ]

I am actually old enough to have watched the original BW, with Lindsay Wagner (of sleep number bed TV commercial fame). It had the same kind of ’70s cheesiness as the show it spun off from (Six Million Dollar Man) and other shows of the time, like Barnaby Jones and Charlie’s Angels. I’m holding out higher hopes for this one, partly based on the dark look of the trailer, and on the fact that it has the (always) criminally-undervalued Miguel Ferrer. I will be rewarded?or not?soon. If you miss Wednesday’s premiere, it appears that NBC is repeating the show on each week on the following Friday on the Sci-Fi Channel.

So Buffy and Xena may be gone, but we are not yet running out of female characters who kick serious ass.

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