The Golden Compass – The First Five Minutes

We have a confession to make. It’s nothing scandelous but we’re pretty big sci fi dorks around here. We hide it well, mind you. The Golden Compass, part of Oxford Professor Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials Trilogy, has got us a tad bit excited. The movie’s cast is an excellent pedigree and the whole ship is being manned by Chris Weitz, responsible for one of our fav movies – About a Boy.

Consider this, then, an amuse buse for the eyes. The first five minutes reveal very little except for the confusing monologue that sets the stage for the enchanted world. It’s very British and you get the impression that the movie’s success has nothing to do with the story (pretty awesome) or the adult actors (all very nice thank you very much) or even the special effects (top notch) and has everything to do with the young actress portraying Lyra. If she can turn in a convincing performance than this movie has to be good, right?

More Dark Knight News

Another day, another The Dark Knight sloppy French kiss. If only I were Kevin Kline and has a mustache, a vineyard and could pick a pocket. Anyway, back to Chris Nolan and crew. Seems that things are really ramping up. They’ve just released yet another promotional poster. It looks cool, but I’d be more excited about this one if it were the first poster they released. We’ve seen Heath Ledger as the Joker, so there’s not much tintillating here. But could you imagine the reaction if this was the first poster released when no photos or images had leaked? Orgasms.


In other related news. Chris Nolan screened the first six-minutes of the film for a lucky selection of people. Apparently, everyone in the audience hyperventillated the IMAX footage was so amazing. You see, attached to I Am Legend this weekend in IMAX will be a prequel of sorts to the movie. The Joker will make his big entrance in 70 mm. Bananas. Is it too late to bring that back?

Other tidbits around Tinseltown

-Could it be possilbe that Marvel Entertainment is trying to connect the film universe in much the same way that their comic universe is connected. There’s a rumor floating around right now that scenes were shot that will link Iron Man to Ed Norton’s The Incredible Hulk. There is absolutely no confirmation regarding this, but given that Sam Jackson is making a cameo as Nick Fury in Iron Man and you have to wonder if Marvel has a grand scheme in mind.

-Slashfilm has a nifty confirmation about casting for G.I. Joe. As much as producers botched the casting of Sienna Miller as The Baroness, they’ve gone and got the best guy possible for Snake Eyes. Yup, they went and got Ray Park. Park has portrayed Darth Maul in The Pantom Menace and he played Toad in the first X-Men movie. Park has a slithering body and a mastery of martial arts. That Snake Eyes is a mute and covered head to toe in a black costume makes this a real no brainer.

-Remember Tim Meadows? I do and he’s dang funny. Check this clip of Dewey Cox smoking doobs with Tim Meadows. Still not sold on the movie, but still this clip makes me wanna take up smokin’ doobs.

Juno hype train continues to roll on and this time, Cinematical has a nice video sit down with star Ellen Page and stripper-turned-screenwriter (there’s that fav saying again) Diablo Cody to talk about their favorite movies. As if a stripper-turned-screenwriter can’t be any hotter, well, Cody goes on to name check Rushmore as one of her favs. Natch.

– EW took the time to praise the fifty smarty pants in Hollywood and not to be outdone, The NY Daily News said, we see your smart people and raise you fifty Hollywood morons. Which list do you like better?

– Maxim says ba-humbug and drops a list of the Crappiest Christmas Movies ever. So much journalistic or film integrity by selecting It’s a Wonderful Life numero uno.

There’s a lot more going on in Hollywood, but for the life of us we need to end this super-retarded long post. But we’ll leave you with High-Five Hollywood! I don’t know why this is remotely funny, but I laughed out loud while watching on my computer, so that’s got to count for something.

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