The Golden Compass trailer hits Yahoo

The Golden Compass, a fantasy film directed by Chris Weitz (About A Boy, American Pie) hits theatres this Christmas. It’s based upon a trilogy of books (“His Dark Materials”) written by Oxford professor Philip Pullman. The story focusses upon a precocious orphan living in the shadows of Oxford University. However, her world is different than ours. Every person has an animal manifestation known as daemons and it’s a fantasy world based on science, theology and magic.

The orphan girl, Lyra, gets caught up in an adventure. The film version has a fantastic look to it and the special effects shots, which it seems there are many, look like they fit in nicely. Regardless based upon this trailer, it seems that Chris Weitz has stepped up his skills as a director. It’s hard to imagine The Golden Compass is from the same director as About a Boy.

Click on the photo below. The film stars Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Eva Green and Dakota Blue Richards.

The Golden Compass hits theatres on 12.7.07

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