The Kite Runner

Some books you can’t doubt their popularity or acclaim.? Though I’ve yet to read Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner, how I have no idea and please don’t ask, it’s beloved by just about everyone who smells the binding glue, drinks from it’s fountain inked letters and creased pages.? Okay, okay, hyperbole aside it’s supposedly a damn fine novel, worthy of Oscar-baiting film adaptation.This time around director Marc Forster helmed a production with a screenplay by David Benioff.? It’s mostly a cast of unknowns, something that doesn’t bode well for it’s Academy chances.? Which is shameful really.? Based on the trailer below, this looks like Forster delivers a powerhouse.

Love the tagline on the poster, though: “There is a way to be good again.”? Stories of redemption in a foreign land are pretty sweet.

The Kite Runner hits theaters on 11.2.07

Sidenote: Is anyone else more excited by the possibilities of Forster directing the next Bond flick after seeing this trailer?? That was my initial and albeit shallow thought, not so much on the plight currently happening in Afghanistan.

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