The last ‘Cloverfield’ thing we’ll post

That’s it we’re done writing about a stupid movie trailer.? Okay, it’s not stupid.? But, Harry over at AICN got an email from the mastermind himself JJ Abrams regarding the movie.

It’s got about three working titles now, with 01-18-08 being one and obviously Cloverfield but then there is also Slusho.? Which for you non-Alias fans was the name of a slurpee offered to Sidney Bristo in the second episode of the series.

Apparantly all the websites floating around in conjunction with the flick are not connected with it.? The only site so far connected to the movie is the official site: Abrams insists there are other websites connected to the movie, just that we haven’t found them yet.? Curiously, it seems they’ve learned from the Snakes on a Plane debacle and are trying to craft a movie worthy of an internet viral marketing campaign.

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