“The Mist” – International trailer

Again, the guys at IGN were all over this one.? But a kind soul has uploaded it to YouTube.? We’re pretty stoked for Frank Darabont’s The Mist.? Partly because of his track record collaborating with horror maestro Stephen King, and yes I hope that moniker is etched into King’s tombstone.? It’s been a long while since we’ve gotten a great Stephen King horror film, sadly it’s almost like his film adaptations have become synonymous with “made-for-tv.”

The Mist does not look to be that way.? I like this new trailer because it plays up the scary religious aspects to the story and damn does Marcia Gay Harden look like she’s evil.

Because of the strike we’ll be struggling to find movie and television news to write about, so you may get lots of pointless international trailers and some stupid stuff, probably lots of music news as well.

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