“The Mist” – trailer for Frank Darabont’s latest

If you’re like me, then it’s safe to assume you may not know who director Frank Darabont is, but I can guarantee that you’re in love with several of his movies.? Darabont is responsible for directing The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Majestic and this November he’ll be bringing the scares with yet another Stephen King adaptation.? This time it’s The Mist.?

As a writer, however, Darabont has worked his magic on several horror and genre projects.? AICN’s Moriarty seems to be good friends with Darabont and has been following and detailing the production of this movie from conception to finished project.? What’s most interesting to me, in regards to this story, is that Darabont credits his work as director for FX’s gritty cop show The Shield for rejuvenating him as a filmmaker and giving him a new stylistic approach for The Mist.? He brought along several of the crew from that show to help him shoot this movie.? It’s too difficult to tell from the trailer whether the shaky-camera, guerilla style look of that rogue cop show carries over into a horror-survival story, but here’s to hoping like hell it does.

It stars among others Andre Baugher, Marcia Gay-Harden and Thomas Jane.? Solid actors across the board, if not movies stars.

The Mist invades a small town near you on November 21.

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