Thinking about action heroes

Thanks to EW we’ve got a list of the “25 Awesome Action Heroes.” And we say shame on them for that makes things easy. It’s easy to rundown the usual suspects like John McClane, Ripley, Indiana Jones, The Bride, The Terminator, etc. etc.

If you feel like looking at that list then we say all the power to you. But we have an Important Question for the Ages and I think it requires a definitive answer.

Who is the absolute worst action star actor ever?

Seriously… think of it. There are some great ones, especially given the plentitude of one-hit wonders.

Don ?The Dragon? Wilson? Jeff Speakman? Sylvester Stallone? Michel Dudikoff? Steven Seagal (somehow he mad EW’s list)? Arnold Schwarzenegger (again how is he on EW’s list)? Jean-Claude Van Damme? Chuck Norris? Victor Mature? Cynthia Rothrock? Brian Bosworth?

Tough choices, all. And I’m sure we’re forgetting some. But I’m sure there must be one that stands out for you as especially cringe-inducing. It’s only a little over a year until the election, people! Let’s start warming up our debate skills. Who do you think must have been an immigrant from the land of Catatonia? Who made you wish you could see the movie without the sound? Which performance convinced you that the lead actor must have had some good sharp photos of the director with an underage girl?

Cast your vote in the comment section below; chop, chop. (Get it? It means hurry up, but we’re talking about chop-sockey films, and I ? oh, never mind.) We’ll compile them, come up with a definitive top 10 and include video evidence for your pleasure. ?

And by worst we mean the action heroes everybody secretly gets a kick out of watching.

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