Trailer Roundup

Yeah, yeah.? Usually we save this puppy for Sunday afternoons when there isn’t a whole lot going on.? But this week, and probably a lot of weeks going forward, Sunday’s mean NFL.? What can I say.? I’d rather knock back some beers and watch The Patriots knock some heads in then take five minutes to let ya’ll know about the latest trailers making an impression on us here at the Oyster offices.

So we decided to move it Monday’s, unless of course we decide to do it on Sunday.


Starring Milo Ventimiglia and the crazy dude who tormented David on Six Feet Under, this one looks like sliiiiightly above-average thriller territory.? Milo plays a Harvard med student (which of course means he’s retardedly smart) who joins an elite unite of pathologists, who are pathologically inclined to commit murder.? You see what I did just there using pathology in two different ways.? This could be decent if the twisty ending is as twisty as we hope.


There’s nothing to say except thankfully we finally have a R rated AVP movie.? This looks like it could be better than the first time around.? The Strausse Brothers do it up big time.? Be warned though this is the red-banned trailer which means it is totally NSFW.


Well it looks like Richard Kelly’s troubled follow-up to Donnie Darko is finally going to see the light of the theater in November.? This one was roundly panned at Cannes forcing Kelly to go back and recut it and attempt to salvage the flick.? Kelly has been a-okay in our book with not only Donnie Darko, but also with the flicks he’s written in the interim.? Then again, this one looks like it could just be over our heads more so than DD.


Just because Robert Downey Jr. rocks like Ozzie and this is a trailer I haven’t been able to stop watching since it streeted like a month ago.? Yup, that’s my geek hard-on.? Still not sure why they actually used the song “Iron Man” from Sabbath, but we’ll forgive.


Judd Apatow has been on a real winning streak and it seems like it’s been a long time since both of his television shows were cancelled unceremoniously.? Hopefully, we can finally get a good spoof.? Seeing as we haven’t had a decent one in about two decades.? Love the line, “In my dream you’re blowing me . . . kisses.”? Jack White and Paul Rudd could be the secret weapons of this movie, despite John C. Reilly finally making the transition back to comedy.


What’s up with movies that attempt to look at a geo-socio-political problem from all angles.? First we got Traffic, then Syrianna and now comes Trade.? It’s about the uplifting sex trafficking trade, which in all seriousness is a horrible problem.? Hopefully, this movie inspires world governments to do something about this disgusting practice.


Not sure Timothy Olyphant was the right actor to step into Agent 49’s shoes, but he has and now we have to live with it.? He sort of looks too doofy with a shaved head, but what do I know?

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  • Jim September 26, 2007, 7:24 am

    Like I said… what do I know right? Thanks for the heads up…

  • Dale September 25, 2007, 9:45 pm

    47. Agent 47. 😉