Vampires! Oh my!

Let’s be honest who doesn’t love vampires?? Looks like we could have two cool vampire movies coming out, one a horror movie at the tail end of the summer and the other a survivor flick starring Will Smith coming out around Christmas.

The first is 30 Days of Night, starring Josh Hartnett, Melissa George and Ben Foster.? Directed by David Slade, who crafted the creepy and intense thriller Hard Candy, this one takes place in an Alaskan town above the Artic Circle where it is nighttime for 30 days.? Vampires come out at night, so you get the gist.? Looks like the people will have to survive the month.? Always important is the look of the vampires and it seems they did a fantastic job.? Utterly scary.

It’s based upon a comic book by the same name from writer Steve Niles and illustrator Ben Templesmith.

Not to be out done, Will Smith is finally bringing the oft-delayed I Am Legend to the big screen.? Directed by Francis Lawrence, and based upon the book of the same name by Richard Matheson, this is a heavily anticipated flick.? For several years a script from Mark Protosevich had been floating around and it was really, really great.? That script got ditched when Lawrence hopped on board.? And unfortunately the new script was penned by the utterly urbane Akiva Goldsman.

But it’s got Will Smith and the source material is dynomite.? The story centers around Robert Neville, the last man alive after the world succumbs to a vampire plague.? The story is more about the survival of Neville and the lengths he goes to stay alive, scrounging for food, scavanging medicine from deserted hospitals.

Though there are vampires in Matheson’s novel, it’s not really about vampires and it’s not really a Will Smith action story.? It’s considered the granddaddy of modern horror.? We won’t give away much of the story since it’s a quick read and worth doing so before the film version comes out.? Based upon the trailer, it seems the studio decided to make lots of alterations to the story.? Hopefully, they’ll have kept enough of the book to make this one truly special.? I highly doubt it though.? Can you say I, Robot?

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