Vote Harvey Dent for DA

The Dark Knight publicity tour rolls on, even though the fim is still a year away from hitting theatres. Warner Bros. has two new images up for fans to gawk at. The first is the offical logo for the new flick. Gotta be honest. The image is okay, not nearly as awesome as the image for Batman Begins. Mostly because it feels so similar.

The next image is a campaign sign for Harvey Dent. Dent will be portrayed by Aaron Eckhart and form the looks of things, it looks to be another great casting choice by director Chris Nolan. Just hope Harvey Dent keeps an eye out for any convicts with viles of acid. We all know he’s gonna win the race, afterall he’s got some deep pockets with his friend Bruce Wayne.

Here’s to hoping Dent’s alterego, Two-Face, makes an appearance in the third Nolan Batman flick.

He’s got my vote, even if I believe in Billy Dee Williams more.

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