Walk Hard for ten minutes


The first ten minutes of the Judd Apatow produced, Jake Kasdan directed comedy musical-biopic spoof Walk Hard has been made available to see courtesy of Sony and Rotten Tomatoes.

This seems to be the growing trend among movie marketing, allowing consumers a small sample ahead of the theatrical release.? If you like what you see will it entice you into the theater? Well, in the case of New Line’s The Golden Compass, which debuted the first five minutes of the film last week, it wasn’t enough, as the fantasy film essentially turded itself all over the box-office this weekend and may cause Bob Shaye to get fired as head of the studio.

In the case of Walk Hard, it can only help, except the footage is really nothing spectacular.? If you’ve seen all the promotional trailers, television ads, etc. then you’ve seen all this footage before.? I laughed out loud maybe once or twice and felt pretty horrible because one of the times was during the “machette fight” sequence when young Dewey Cox’s older brother gets cut in half.

The footage is mostly PG stuff, but you’ll be asked to enter in your birthday and whatnot.? It was enough of a hassle to almost make me not want to watch the footage.? Maybe the best part about the whole thing is watching John C. Reilly playing 14-year-old Dewey Cox.? It’s a bit strange.

Walk Hard sings its way into theaters on Dec. 21.

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