Weekend Box Office

The weekend box office went from a hellish biker to the site of flabby bikers. Though Ghostrider dropped to just third place, the turgid midsections of John Travolta, Bill Macey, Martin Lawrence and Tim Allen propelled Wild Hogs to the run away top spot of the box office this past weekend.

Wild Hogs racked up an eye-popping $38 million on 4,100 screens. Yeah, you read that right, $38 million! Who the hell is going to see this movie, especially with the latest Fincher masterpiece Zodiac released the same weekend. I assume no one wants to sit through a three-hour movie? What about Craig Brewer’s follow up to Hustle and Flow, the southern tale Black Snake Moan? It’s been parodied on SNL. Although that probably just proves how out of touch SNL is. No one has any desire to watch a tale about a bluesman and a nymphomaniac? I’m guessing Black Snake Moan just didn’t have enough marketing power as many people I’ve talked to hadn’t even heard of it. Thoughts and comments? Did anyone go see Wild Hogs? If so we’d love to hear why and if it was any good?
The full box office below, courtesy of Box Office Mojo.

  1. Wild Hogs $38,000,000
  2. Zodiac $13,100,000
  3. Ghostrider $11,500,000
  4. Bridge To Terebithia $8,587,000
  5. The Number 23 $7,050,000
  6. Norbit $6,446,000
  7. Music and Lyrics $4,895,000
  8. Black Snake Moan $4,016,000
  9. Reno 911!: Miami $3,750,000
  10. Breach $3,483,000
  11. Amazing Grace $3,002,000

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