What Halloween movies will people be watching tonight?

We’re always curious about which movies people love to watch on Halloween?? On television tonight you’ve got the requisite flicks like Poltergeist, Halloween (just about every incarnation is running on some channel) and Child’s Play.?? Bravo has a special on the “100 Scariest Movie Moments”, Disney has The Haunted Mansion for the little kids and most especially Fox News has The O’Reilly Factor to scare liberals and moderates alike.

So do folks like to go super scary and gory with say, Hostel? Or do you prefer supernatural thrillers with ghosts?? What do you folks think makes for a perfect Halloween movie?

For us, we prefer going the one scary one silly-scary route.? We’re thinking of either watching Monster Squad or Teen Wolf and then following that up with something suspensful and creepy.

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