Why so Serious?

Summer 2008 is going to be a special time of the year.? We’ve just about given a sloppy kiss to both The Dark Knight and Iron Man.?

So why not give a little more love to the latest from the caped crusader.? We’ve been vaguely following the proposed Justice League of America developments, but somehow that doesn’t really excite us as much as it should.? Probably because it’s just going to seem lame, despite a great director in George Miller.? Batman will be making a cameo in that movie, but it won’t be with Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne.

With that said, if you go to the official website of The Joker, whysoserious dot com you’ll be treated to a jack-o-lantern which looks curious similar to the pumpkin on the cover of Jeph Loeb’s comic book The Long Halloween.? The candle is burning and one wonders if it’s a countdown of sorts to another teaser trailer for The Dark Knight.? We’ll keep you posted.


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