A Love Story in Stop Motion

Spanish Artist Carlos Lascano has a work in progress, but what progress it is. This beautiful stop motion animated feature is a blend of various techniques, which you can read more about on the artist’s website. What amazes me in looking at the work that went into this, is just how much effort it takes to make something like this happen, even at only three minutes long.

It’s also evident that Sigur Ros heightens the emotional resonance of anything. The music swells and emotes, creating a richer world than the one already created.

Carlos shot the film with a Nikon D70s and Sony HVR V1, captured with a Blackmagic Intensity Card, and edited using Adobe Photoshop, After effects CS3, Final Cut and iStop Motion on an Mac Pro from Apple. Many of the organic textures such as particles, drops, autumn leaves, etc, were carefully filmed over a green background in uncompressed full HD at 1920 x 1080.

I would love to see a feature film by Carlos. It’s unfortunate that some of the world’s best animation isn’t given the opportunity to work on a feature film level because there’s only Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks Animation and neither of them are straying from the formula. I would love to see Tim Burton start his own animation company to make a place for different animation visions. You know a company that puts out one feature film a year from artists like Don Bluth, Arthur Rankin Jr. or Sylvain Chomet.

Especially because yesterday was the 100th anniversary of animation and also because there is still nothing more wonderful than the art of animation. [via]

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