Ben Affleck going back to the streets

Ben Affleck is going to produce the debut novel from Marcus Stakey, The Blade Itself. Affleck is just producing on this one, but his Gone Baby Gone co-writer Aaron Stockard will be adapting the book for the screen. No director is attached yet, but here’s hoping Affleck finds a Chicago-based director who can do for Chicago what Affleck did for Boston.

In other words, do their cities proud.

“The Blade Itself” evolves around two Chicago childhood friends who made their reputation committing petty crimes as kids before choosing different paths in life. When they are reunited years later, one is forced to decide how far he will go to protect the secrets of his past.

Not exactly original stuff, but often times pulp fiction and especially detective fiction, rarely is.


From Publishers Weekly
Sakey’s brilliant debut, a crime novel set in Chicago, is a must read. From the thrilling opening, a horribly botched pawnshop robbery by childhood friends Evan and Danny, to the riveting ending, the tension ratchets up to almost unbearable levels. After the robbery, Evan serves prison time while Danny turns over a new leaf and eventually earns a responsible management job in a construction company.

Seven years later, Evan is out and comes looking for Danny for payback. Using their past ties as leverage, Evan tries to drag Danny back into their partnership. Sakey convincingly portrays the bonds forged in adolescence and the gulf wrought by prison for one and hard work for the other. In a battle of wits and wills, the stakes escalate as Danny fights to preserve his new life and the ruthless Evan counters every attempt Danny makes to break free. The collateral damage is high in a page-turner that has already received plaudits from Lee Child, George Pelecanos and T. Jefferson Parker.

Okay so that sounds much better than your average crime, pulp or detective fiction.

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