Bond tragedy sinks production


Stuntman Dan Frey responsible for taking James Bond’s famed Aston Martin DBS to the set for filming crashed it into Lake Garda early Saturday morning, reports the Sunday Mirror. The weather conditions weren’t optimal, it was raining heavily, but the $250,000 car made out much worse than the stuntman.

Last night executive producer Anthony Waye said: “Around 6.30am under a heavy shower the car came off the road and ended up in the lake.

“The driver was slightly hurt and is expected to be released from hospital shortly.”

Producers took delivery of five Aston Martins ahead of the Lake Garda scenes.

Two were sprayed with fake bullet holes. The third was the one driven into the water by accident yesterday.

The five cars were made specially for this production. Unfortunately, this isn’t like running down to the Honda Civic lot and picking up another one. No word on how this will affect production. According to Commander Bond, the scene the cars were being used for was the opening action sequence with 50 cars involved. One truck even plunges into the lake.

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