Call me crazy

But there is something betwixting about this Scientology propaganda website.? Maybe it’s that smile.? I go and I try to resist, but then it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Tom Cruise is not just the most important actor of the 20th Century, er, 21st Century, I would posit that he’s the most important human being of the last century and certainly for the century ahead of us (just trying to cover my bases here).? There? I said it.? Glad to have gotten that confession off my chest.

But seriously (for realz),? I can’t get the freaking music out of my head from his website and it’s been two full days since I’ve gone to the site.? I hum them in my head and my days feel epic.? Like aliens and spies and L. Ron Hubbard could pop out from around the corner at any given moment.

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