Choke on this footage

Portland-based writer Chuck Palahniuk isn’t exactly a cult author. He’s pretty popular and well-known thanks of course to the exceptional adaptation of his first novel Fight Club. But he’s had a steady output of novels since that book, unfortunately none of them have seen the silver screen.

That all changes with the adaptation of Choke. Directed by Clark Gregg and starring Sam Rockwell as a sex-addicted Revolutionary War Reenactor, who chokes in restaurants to con people out of money. So you know, the usual territory mined by the darkly comic Palahniuk.


The movie is being screened at Sundance, which is happening right now as I type. Not the screening but the festival.

And if that’s not enough, after the jump listen to author Chuck Palahniuk discuss the movie adaptation of his novel Choke.

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